Project Description


“Cittizen” is a micro-brand that utilizes a local production system model to create a line of personal objects that reflect the identity and characteristics of the different neighbourhoods in Toronto. These objects (pins, money clips, key chains etc) act as a way for the user to identify themselves with their local community. The objects are 3-D printed using recycled material that is broken down and processed into filament for the 3-D printer. The user is able to customize their object according to their neighbourhood and which characteristic they would like to be highlighted (green spaces, bike lanes, points of interest etc ). They can then order their object through the website or the Cittizen app which also profiles each neighbourhood in Toronto and allows the user to see how many people in each “hood” have Cittizen objects. Overall the goal is to have a sustainable system model and to encourage community engagement and pride within the city.

Project Images

Cittizen-allmockups copy