Project Description


Working together with digital agency Form & Affect, I was hired as a freelance UX/UI designer to work on the design of a responsive website for, a newly founded startup that provides online education for live productions through video tutorials. My core responsibilities were to conduct a small amount of competitive and user research, to create the site wireframes and to in the end produce high-fidelity user interface mockups to hand off to the development team at Form & Affect. My main goal with the user experience and user interface was to make the user feel like an expert without having to be one. I wanted to ensure that the user flow and hierarchy of information was simple, clear and concise as many of the competitive sites were weighed down with too much unnecessary information and an unclear user flow. Communication between myself and the team at Form & Affect was consistent and allowed for us to have a continuous dialogue about the goals of the project and the success of the design. In the end, through this collaboration, we were able to design a responsive site that is not only visually clean and enjoyable to navigate but also keeps the focus on the goals of the user, making sure they are accomplishing them efficiently and intuitively.

Project Images